Waldorf 100 Exhibition:

A student’s perspective

Online and live exhibition with student´s perspective on why Waldorf is called “Learn to change the World”

Due to the celebration of 100 years of Waldorf pedagogy (Waldorf 100) this year, the SOFIA association has included in its youth information project an activity about Waldorf and sustainability.

This project invites Waldorf pupils (class 5 to 12) and former waldorf students, to contribute to an international exhibition “Waldorf 100 Exhibition: A student’s perspective”.

Pupils from all over the world can share their opinions about why Waldorf is called “Learn to change the World” and how Waldorf education leads us to a more sustainable future. The answers should be written in a text, as well as expressed in a painting. Students contributions will be uploaded to an online exhibition where everyone can see the opinions of pupils by clicking on the different countries that participates. All are also welcome to print the exhibition and present at their own schools or Waldorf 100 related events.

This exhibition will also be presented live in Sweden at the School Eurithmy festival in the 01 of May 2019. This festival is the largest annually gathering of Waldorf students in Sweden.

The online exhibition will be available until the end of 2019.