About us

About us

Who is behind this project?

SOFIA Association

Swedish Organization For international Initiatives on an Anthroposophical basis


SOFIA is a platform working with international development cooperation. Our goal is to work for sustainable development in the world within three program areas: environment/agriculture, pedagogy and healthcare/care giving.

SOFIA is an aid organization with a network of Swedish project groups who are committed to supporting partner organizations in developing countries within the framework of SOFIA.

SOFIA’s work in Sweden consists of project administration, raising funds for projects, as well as information about projects and sustainable development. The Waldorf 100 Exhibition is a project within SOFIAs information project 2019. The goal of the project is to rase young peoples awareness about the local and global impact of our lifestyle, and to inspire them to engage in sustainable development on the basis of the UN global goals for sustainable development.

Contact us

If you have questions please contact our project leader:

Fábia Idoeta Fogelqvist
+46 (0) 76 029 76 67‬

Föreningen SOFIA, Järna, Sweden