Report from the project in Guinea in West Africa: École Lo

This year’s visit to Guinea and the village Tambaya where the school is located took place in February – March.

We had sent some school material in a container earlier on, and loads of donated footballs that where of great importance in a football cup in the area. The project had received an amount of money thanks to friends that responded to a Facebook campaign. This made the time there very fruitful; we had the possibility to invest in plaster for the walls, order benches and tables to all three classrooms and by material for the tailor in the neighbor village so that he could start making the school uniforms for the children already listed in the school. We held a meeting with three candidates interested in taking on teaching English. Head teacher and local responsible for the school, Younoussa Bangoura, held his first lessons – even though we still need to finish the toilets and the well on the school campus to make the proper start of the school.

There has come a request from the local citizens that we start evening classes in English as well, once the English teacher arrives. We have a plan to install solar cell panels on the roof, to be able to have electric lights in the school, and also to be able to use the computers donated by Hudiksvall’s commune.

After returning back home there has also been questions about how to help with the project, something that has led us to want to start our monthly sponsor program.

Viveka Sjögren